TOMORROW : The Innovative Exchange and Experimental Way

When lingerie is used as a symbol of protest, Tomorrow! becomes a platform for the political and social demands of design students from the ENSAAMA art school in Paris!

An exceptional and surprising exhibition, inspired by current events and issues.
The theme of lingerie will be approached from a general design perspective, rather than in terms of style or fashion. Working in pairs, 14 students – the designers, developers and artistic directors of the future – will produce 7 different projects for an unconventional and innovative take on intimates.

The general principles of design involve analysing, imagining, creating and communicating around a given theme. When the theme is lingerie, the challenge becomes all the more interesting and the results are surprising. Accompanied by professor Sylvie Marc, from the Brand Communications department at the ENSAAMA school of art and design, the students worked to change the way we look at lingerie and all that it represents, in terms of elegance, delicate detail and beauty, by juxtaposing it with a totally contrasting domain, darker and more violent, whether protest, struggle, handicap, disease or discrimination, etc.

In creating their 7 lingerie brands – with names such as JEUX, WEASY, PASSAGES and APERÇU – the students hope to raise awareness and defend a number of different causes that mean a lot to them.
Entitled “The Underpinnings of protest”, this is a must-see exhibition. A wonderful example of textile innovation and creativity, brilliantly fulfilling the objective set by the show when it first established the Tomorrow! space four years ago.


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