The Exception

Wedding Spirit

The Exception is a unique space that has been highlighting exceptional craftsmanship and uniting exhibitors, artists, and designers around a common theme, since 2013, with one key concept in mind: INSPIRING. Visitors are transported into a stand-alone universe, a sort of gallery to experience with all one’s senses. This session, The Exception will open its doors for an inspiring interlude in the worlds of Bridal and Haute Couture, entitled “Wedding Spirit”.

A moment suspended in lime, between dreams of beauty and exceptional artistry. Here, you will discover a unique offering of laces, embroideries, silks, textile designs,and textile accessories, the true signature of the INTERFILIERE show, to meet the needs of a variety of clients/buyers in the Bridal and Haute Couture markets. A magical setting will shine a spotlight on all the creativity of prized craftsmanship .

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