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“The Exception”, yours naturally

For the last 3 years, Sylvie Maysonnave has been the art director of The Exception, an unrivalled and unmissable source of inspiration and showcase for creative genius, whether provided by artists, artisans or manufacturers.

Following in the footsteps of lace, embroidery, silk, jacquard, ultra-lightness and 2018’s finishing techniques, a new exhibition will be opening its doors next January. Entitled “Natural Expression”, it will give pride of place to Nature.

Why do natural products deserve particular attention? We want to keep building on the “Nature Moves Us” manifesto chosen by the show last year. In the current context, with headlines dominated by climate change and the depletion of natural resources, nature remains an ever-present source of inspiration, continually driving creativity.

Instantly evoking softness and comfort, natural fibres appeal to our senses and our imagination. Now, more than ever, they are taking centre stage in all the different “lifestyle” domains, communicating the luxury and sensuality of an authentically simple and naturally virtuous world. The transition to the lingerie and homewear sector was inevitable, with a return to its very origins: the purity of cotton, the sensuality of silk and the freshness of linen.

Designed to be visited like a gallery, the space is an experience for all the senses. A vast and eclectic source of inspiration, from unique artworks to samples manufactured by exhibitors, every detail aims to attract and hold the attention of our visitors/spectators.

We have set ourselves the mission of pushing back the boundaries of nature, revisiting and reinventing traditions. This journey will take you off the beaten path of creation with raw and bio-sourced man-made fibres, softer rustics and new complex blends, reinvented weaves and know-how, naturally-dyed and recycled fibres. Take a trip round the world to discover the best that nature has to offer us and find out what we can and must do to preserve and make the most of these treasures.

To continue your visit and broaden your knowledge of this issue, check out the conference “Natural fibres and fibres of natural origin: performance at its purest” at 11.00am on Sunday 20th January, participants will demonstrate the extent to which natural fibres are absolutely on trend and resolutely modern.

They exhibit : La Confédération Européenne du Lin & du Chanvre – Lins Paris – Christien Meindertsma – Gallego Desportes – Charlotte Kaufman – Igor Brossman – Lucie Touré – Fatima SY – Nay Bernadi – Couleur Chanvre…

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