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23 May 2018


The human dimension at the very of it all !

With the boom in communications technologies, the development of social media, and the evolution of the internet, consumers are no longer passive, and have become key actors in their consumption. They clearly state their interests and have become more demanding than ever…They are shifting their selection criteria: they want to identify with companies, be included in the manufacturing process, know what they’re consuming, and view the product with a human-centered approach. Eurovet wants to place key players from the Lingerie x Swimwear x Sport markets into these new worlds and create a community built around these shared values.

Unique by Mode City is more than just a name change…The show will offer a new experience with a resolute commitment at its core: Re-place the human dimension at the very heart of the entire show strategy, and examine new ways of consuming, the new customer experience, and the ultra-personalization of service.
At Interfilière Paris, Eco-responsibility, a truly vast subject that everyone is making an absolute priority, will be at the core of analysis and of the Forum. How can we consume more intelligently? We will provide some answers, alongside all the exhibitors who are betting on a greener future, in Pavilion 3.

New this edition!

#A new show layout
that’s updated and redesigned to reflect the image of Unique, where visitors are immersed in the very heart of fashion trends.
#Feature areas
that are unique and unprecedented, waiting to be discovered! that are unique and unprecedented, waiting to be discovered!
The new space dedicated to brands speaks to upand- coming generations!
#The Lingerie Place
A new online space for professional encounters and business, accessible 24-hours-a-day
The show experience continues online with this new space for professional encounters and business for industry stakeholders: set up meetings online, get in touch beyond show periods, year-round visibility for exhibitors, etc.
Business and creativity are the real key concepts!

A totally new experience

More than just a show, Unique by Mode City will be a new experience, a true guide for all industry stakeholders, a middleman, advisor, and business facilitator. The role of Unique by Mode City will be to lead the market onward and upward to new horizons. For this, the show, a benchmark for the market and an agent of change, will be setting up new, premium services for visitors and exhibitors that are ultrapersonalized, providing exclusive, unprecedented assistance.

  • An unprecedented concierge service on site to make set-up easier
  • A friendly welcome breakfast
  • A Happy Hour on Saturday, July 7th
  • A surprise Soirée on Sunday, July 8th
  • Ultra-personalized, premium service with offices in
  • Europe, the U.S., and Asia, to stay in closer touch with buyers from all over the world!
  • A Personal Shopper service
  • A “The Selection” guide and fashion show, showing off select favorites from the Eurovet Fashion team
  • Trend spaces with a selection of key products and merchandising advice
  • 3 fashion shows every day
  • Speed Meetings for each country focus
  • A Matchmaking lunch
  • Bra and Swimwear-fitting workshops to help boutiques better advise customers
  • Premium hospitality upon arrival for buyers: straight from
  • the airport or the hotel.

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