Seiren: impressively high-tech

22 January 2018

Taking part at the January session for the first time, the Japanese company is a key specialist in high-tech digital printing. Producing over 5 million metres of print per year, Seiren has patented several extremely high-performance processes. Flex Move™ is a circular stretch knit created and developed using technology and a manufacturing process that are both unique. It offers an unrivalled elongation factor of 300% with total recovery in record time. This polyamide, polyester and elastane base fabric features 4-way elasticity and is mainly designed for the shapewear, sportswear and leggings markets. Attracting considerable attention from show visitors, Viscotecs® technology revolutionizes the digital printing sector by multiplying the number of graphic options: over 16 million colours, reducing design and execution speeds from 5-7 weeks to 5-14 days, reduced water and energy consumption. Even more cutting-edge, the VISCOMAGIC™ treatment transforms a polyester or nylon/polyurethane base into a fabric with varying power zones. VISCOMAGIC™ dissolves one of the fabric components causing the material to relax in specified areas. The treatment can be applied in accordance with predefined designs, allowing for different compression and control zones in a single knit, irrespective of the type of knit: tricot, circular, Raschel, etc. Since specifications and technical files require meticulous care to achieve the expected results, Seiren works in close collaboration with customers.

Seiren’s partner Itochu runs five manufacturing units. Boasting particular expertise in the cutting-edge technologies developed by Seiren, Itochu is capable of creating finished products for manufacturers who do not have suitable equipment. The only further points for consideration are the price of fabric, at between $10 and 22 per linear metre (i.e. 50%- 100% more expensive than standard stretch knits) and a minimum order of 3,000 metres for VISCOMAGIC™.

Seiren continues to develop new products: its latest innovation, Primordial®, is an unexpected tricot with an openwork effect, created using a dévoré (burning) technique.

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