SATAB moves further into high-tech solutions with cutting-edge zip developed by Genius Objects

10 December 2018

The first internet-connected zip fastener has been developed and patented by new company Genius Objects. The European leader in narrow textiles, French company Satab, is responsible for the manufacture and industrialized production of the textile element. This strong partnership brings together the know-how of a well-established and respected company and an innovative start-up in a growth market.

Designed for the fashion, textile and leather goods sectors, the innovation offers easy access to the world of connected textiles. Zip and Go® transforms any product with a zip into a connected object. From a technical point of view, it can be used to indicate whether an item is zipped or unzipped, to detect movement by identifying the direction and to locate the object upon which it is installed.  With a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone, Zip and Go® offers new smart functions on everyday objects.

Combining a conductive textile and an electronic card, Zip and Go® smart functions are activated by the zip-pull. Potential applications are extensive: on bags or coats, Zip and Go® works like a Bluetooth tracker and warns users of suspicious activity. It can activate a heating function in a jacket or a protection system on an airbag vest.

What about underwear and homewear? “The possibilities are endless. We can think of plenty more applications … monitoring vital functions, to start with, or triggering alerts,” explains Alexandre Faucher, co-founder of Genius Objects, who points out that over 14 billion zips have been sold throughout the world. “Activating the Zip and Go® technology is simple and automatic. You don’t need to do anything technical,” he adds. As for selecting a partner, Satab was the obvious choice for Genius Objects: geographical proximity, expertise and know-how, 100% French manufacturing, cutting-edge technologies and the reliability of a 100-year-old company. Head for Stand S20 to check out all Satab’s collections and products.

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