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28 June 2021


Interfilière finds by Jos Berry #2


The Trend Forum at Interfiliere has since 2001 always illustrated the diversity of the Bodyfashion industry. And although some critics have ridiculised it’s the lack of clear direction and avantgarde point of view, its popularity speaks for itself. Exactly this diversity in fantasy and applications has been body fashion’s incentive in these difficult months. The equilibrium between need and personal pleasure is a very strong motivation to buy.The deep connection between this second-skin-industrie and women was illustrated in the social uproar like ban-the-bra iand more recently me-too an Body-Positive movements.


The realisation that the body is the communicator of the wellbeing of the Self, has taken a massive importance during the last 18 month. Isolated from socialising and shopping women have turned to social media and talk groups to find direction. Research into the psyche of the consumer is now overtaking trend research. They  big questions of brands what motivates, what are they looking for, what next?


“The pandemic has caused a shift in the way people engage with their clothing,” says Forbes-Bell. “With lockdowns forcing us to stay indoors, the lack of social feedback put the focus on how clothes made us feel rather than their aesthetic value.” This, of course, led to an emphasis on comfort. “The need to not only be physically comfortable but psychologically comfortable in what we wear will likely remain as people have come to realize that clothing can be used as a tool to aid cognitive processing and general wellbeing.” remarks Shakaila Force-Bell, fashion psychologist, in one of her interviews with BOF.

“The pandemic has also shifted the way trends are formed from trickle down to trickle up,” she says. “Rather than being largely dictated by fashion seasons, consumers are looking closer to home and on their social media feeds as a source for inspiration.”


In confinement women have start learning to love themselves, often in front of a mirror following on line fitness class. Beyond yoga expressive methods like bar-stretching and pool dancing have enthusiastic followers in every corner of the world. Dressed in lingerie and items “Reclaiming your femininity within” according to pool dancing fan “We are used to see everything through the masculine gaze, to discover your true shape is liberating’’ is an common remark.


At next Interfiliere this the serendipity of Wellbeing includes exhibitors motivation such as innovation. enjoying their growth with new lingerie community. “We love those new smaller businesses, love their mindsets, people who care about us, with whom we discover” remark Fabio and Alessandro from Innova. Specialised in Italian curricular knits with flexible enduse and fast reaction, they insist that being sustainable is a Wellbeing priority. At the Innvova on September Interfiliere prototypes made by Mila Krasna from Slovenia. A brand promoting feminine sex appeal in a playful sportive empowering way.


They remind us that we, visitors and exhibitors, are all consumers in need of empathy.


Interfilière finds by Jos Berry #2


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