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3 January 2020

Ricamificio Levi: the luxury and magic of embroidery

A natural evolution of family firm Ricamificio Gea, founded by husband-and-wife team Claudio and Gianna, Ricamificio Levi was created in 1986. The Italian embroidery company, located in the Varese region, is now owned by their two sons, Roberto and Fabio Visentin.

Participating at Interfilière Paris for the first time, Ricamificio Levi will be unveiling a 100% ‘Made in Italy’ collection, featuring exceptional, luxurious and creative embroidery. All motifs are produced by the in-house design studio which creates, develops and personalizes the majority of designs on demand for clients on an exclusive basis.

Bridal is a key market for Ricamificio Levi. The Italian specialist offers an extensive collection of embroidery for wedding and evening dresses. Its creative product range – Cornely embroidery on guipure, embroidery on cotton or wool – is ideally suited to the ready-to-wear, knitwear and lingerie markets, but also childrenswear or the hotel and resort market. “In addition to the quality of our embroidery, our key strength is a comprehensive approach to customer-service in terms of creativity, flexibility and reactivity. Every one of our clients is unique,” affirms Export Sales Director, Paola de Marchi. “We are aiming to win over all those who think that embroidery can be ‘boring’. We’re going to show them what you can really do with materials, motifs and textures by showcasing hybrid articles, that are as delicate as lace, with all the versatility of embroidery,” underlines Paola de Marchi.

Clients shouldn’t miss the latest new products, designed for Interfilière Paris: exclusive ‘BR’ patented embroidery, with 3D effects, created using new combinations of silk, viscose and cotton yarns, as well as new matt and glossy motifs, obtained by combining threads with different light refractive indices, an embroidery technique unique to Ricamificio Levi.


Solstiss raises the bar even higher

Innovation and creation are as intrinsic to Solstiss, as threads and looms are to lace. “Never saying ‘no’ to a client, and continually pushing back technical boundaries are so much more than a leitmotiv for us. It’s what we’re all about, the very reason we exist,” explains Caroline Danto, who runs the Paris office. Solstiss goes the extra mile for clients: capable of delivering over 15,000 metres per reference, per season, the company’s production capacities are impressive. “But ever since we started, back in the 1970s, we’ve always been keen to work with designers, offering them lower yardage of just 4.5 to 5.5m minimum,” clarifies Caroline Danto. Thousands of metres of lace, enriched or embellished with a subtle interplay of precious threads, are woven on 120 Leavers machines owned by Solstiss in Caudry. Exceptional laces – Chantilly, bourdon, guipure and metallic – designed for the ready-to-wear, designer and Haute-Couture markets, as well as wedding dresses. And, of course, lingerie.

Between 150 and 200 new references are created in the Paris design studio every season. Solstiss is participating in The Exception space at Interfilière Paris to highlight the very top-of-the-range expertise offered by Calais-Caudry lacemakers. “Rather than florals, we’re going to showcase new motifs with large-scale repeats and ‘multi-composition’ laces, using three or four different colours,” explains Creative Director, Adeline Sapin. For the first time, the company’s Spring 2021 collections will include brand new Leavers laces in organic cotton. Boasting a very special hand-feel and weight, they are currently available in greige or a range of colours, using conventional dyeing techniques in Calais.

Fleet Luxury Packaging takes French market by storm

Fleet France, the UK packaging specialist’s first subsidiary, was set up three years ago and already boasts prestigious clients in a number of markets, such as wine and spirits, cosmetics, fragrance, jewellery and ready-to-wear, as well as the spa and hotel markets: Repetto, Shisheido, Roederer and Lanson champagnes, Roland Garros, Studio Harcourt, etc. “We have earned their trust through our dynamism, dedication to clients and passion for developing packaging. We’re expanding rapidly and increasing our sales figure every year by winning over new clients and developing our full range with existing clients,” explains Isabelle Lesgent, who was appointed to run Fleet France by company co-founder Mark Lowry.

Attending Interfilière Paris is a clear indication that Fleet Luxury Packaging has its sights set on the lingerie market. There’s no doubt that the company has a number of convincing arguments to conquer the market, with top-notch service and quality: a huge range of apparel and gift boxes, presentation boxes and sleeves, pouches, canvas tote bags, cotton or jute bags, custom tissue paper, paper bags and carrier bags, ribbons, stickers and accessories, a vast company-owned warehouse in England, where goods can be stored free of charge, for delivery on demand (within 48 – 72 hours) and an Asian office which carries out local sourcing, as required, and monitors product quality control. Fleet Luxury Packaging works in close collaboration with partner factories in Asia, as well as Europe and India. Teams based in each country help develop new projects and finalize products.

Fleet Luxury Packaging is an innovative company, capable of developing complex packaging solutions and boxes, as well as offering an extensive range of custom finishes. Committed to an ethical and responsible approach, it now offers packaging using FSC and PEFC-certified paper and recycled paper handles, for example.

Established 20 years ago in Rochester (England), the parent company boasts over 3,000 clients in the high-end and luxury market. 2020 will see the opening of two new subsidiaries in Switzerland and Italy.


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