Layering trend takes centre stage in the new AET collection

4 April 2019

AET is offering three previously unseen ranges of knits for layering: ‘Esprit layering’, ‘Let’s play with colors’ and ‘Back to earth’. “By offering patterns for layering, clashing colours on openwork, dévoré fabrics, with complementary opaque and transparent effects and trompe-l’œil volumes, we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to create their own garment and make it unique, far from standard issue, by layering fabrics any way they choose,” explains Marielle Cordenod, from the Kiësto-Ancora studio which designs AET’s collections. Whether used in homewear, active sportswear or lingerie, these new proposals allow consumers to take a fresh look at their wardrobe and get more wear per item by mixing and matching existing garments to reinvent looks. It’s a fun way of bringing products into line with sustainable development and mindful consumption… which rounds off the range of ecological and recycled materials offered by AET: recycled polyester with Lyocell for a vintage-style piqué knit, 100% French linen jersey, knitted in France, etc.

Set up in 1997, AET specializes in the production of plain and fancy knits, innovative and high-quality, created on circular and flat knitting machines. 90% of the range is produced in France and a number of specific products are knitted in Spain.

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