Interfilière Paris Market Overview

22 January 2020

Let’s take a quick look back at the latest edition of Interfilière Paris, which was full of surprises and innovations…

New participants were delighted with their first experience within the Interfilière community, whether it was knit (Bugis, Maglificio Alto Milanese), embroidery (Broderies Leveaux), or packaging (Fleet Luxury) specialists.

Some exhibitors emphasize that they made promising contacts with new, interesting clients and young designers that are playing an increasingly important role in the marketplace, for whom they are prepared to adapt to smaller quantities. This is indeed an observation that is becoming pervasive, even with major industrial firms: production must now strike a balance between larger and smaller quantities, with the big winners being those requesting ever-higher-quality products featuring considerable creativity.

After a truly challenging 2019 for most exhibitors, 2020 looks more promising. Each exhibitor has understood that it’s essential nowadays to work in a different way: flexibility, responsiveness, and small quantities, or even stock service for some, are the key concepts in this new approach to the business.

The top products this season are, without a doubt, sustainable and eco-friendly collections, which largely dominated all assortments. Recycled or biodegradable materials, as well as those made from natural, organic sources were in demand for all sectors, at Iluna, Antik Dantel, Union, Embrex, Ipeker, and Maglificio Alto Milanese. And this was not just the case for young, creative brands; major leading brands such as Chantelle, Triumph, and Lise Charmel were taking note of “green” ranges.

Another strong trend: the return to innovative, refreshed Classics. Undoubtedly driven by the Bridal and Haute Couture theme of The Exception space, visitors were able to discover or rediscover true expert craftsmanship from manufacturers, the very expertise that makes each of them stand out, with an identity and a signature style that is their very own.

Under the artistic direction of Patricia Rémy, The Exception became one of the show’s key events, overflowing with visitors over all 3 days. She successfully rose to the challenge of transporting each visitor into a dreamlike, exceptional universe, where Art, Haute Couture, manufacturers’ expertise, and stellar craftsmanship converged…the past, present, and future, all in one place!

A visit to the show was full of surprises, including the « Les Dessous de la Contestation » (“Protest Underwear”) exhibit created by fifteen or so students from the ENSAMMA institute. This clearly elaborated space wasn’t about style nor fashion; rather, this approach to Lingerie was one based on Total Design. Seven projects from Lingerie brands were presented alongside 7 unique perspectives on old age, disability, rape, body hair, the customer experience, anti-standardization, and eroticism. Let’s hope that they offered new, creative inspiration to the designers who came to see the show…

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