Innovative co-working

6 January 2020

New activities at Interfiliere Paris are put in place this year to stimulate a multidisciplinary dialogue to repair the rift between the intimates industry and the ‘empowered woman’.

At the FORUM during Interfiliere Paris, the Innovative Co-Working platform is where tangible solutions can be discussed in a relaxed one-to-one setting. Eastman Market researcher Justin Coates will share his knowledge about Eco-solutions; Karl Mayer Textile Engineer Gabriela Schellner knows everything about Rascheltronic and Body-mapping and Interfilière sourcing specialist Damien Antoine will show and comment on innovative solutions found in products showcased by exhibitors.


Focus on the presentations of Justin Coates, Eastman:


Fashion Tribes

Navigating the Post-Demographic Apparel Market

Demographics are dead.

For decades, apparel brands have relied on demographic indicators such as gender, generations, and income to target shoppers.  Over the last few years, globalization and social media have connected like-minded consumers and transformed their commonalities into influential cohorts.  For brands seeking to uncover new growth opportunities, segmenting customers through attitudinal and behavioral insights has become essential.

Please join Justin Coates, Eastman’s Consumer Insights Leader, on Saturday, January 18th at 14:00 as he discusses the five fashion tribes apparel brands must get to know and build a relationship with in order to accelerate their sales and market share in the coming decades.



The Chinese Consumer of 2030

China will be home to the world’s largest apparel market by 2030, but the road to 2030 will be rife with disruption for consumers and brands alike.  In just the last 10 years, hundreds of millions of Chinese entered the middle class, mobile commerce became one of the dominant retail channels, international brands lost considerable market share to domestic players, and consumers in lower-tier cities became the driving force for consumption.

Success in the Chinese apparel market in the coming decade will hinge on the ability of brands to anticipate future trends and disruptions by micro-targeting key socio-economic classes, cities, generations, and digital natives.  Please join Justin Coates, Eastman’s Consumer Insights Leader, on Sunday, January 19th at 14:00 for a discussion on how your brand can succeed in the next decade of China’s apparel market.



Sustainable Stories

Implementing a Holistic View of Sustainability

Sustainability has hit its stride in the global apparel market with brands all over the world re-tooling their supply chains, reducing their footprints, favoring more sustainable materials, and increasing their transparency.  With consumer interest in sustainable fashion also rising, now is the time for brands to bring their customers along on their sustainability journey.  To be effective, it is imperative for apparel brands to take a holistic view on what sustainability means to consumers across everything they purchase to better align their offerings, marketing, and experiences with consumers’ sustainability expectations.

Eastman’s Sustainable Leader Consumer Community was designed to tap into the minds of sustainably-minded Americas across key industries such as apparel, electronics, cosmetics, food and beverages, housewares, etc. to support its sustainable material innovation strategies.  Please join Justin Coates, Eastman’s Consumer Insights Leader, on Monday, January 20th at 12:00 as he discusses (1) the importance of sustainability, (2) how consumers define sustainability, and (3) the best strategies for marketing sustainable products across industries.


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