ENCAJES takes another step towards eco-responsibility

24 April 2019

Colombia’s leading textile company, Encajes has made an ongoing commitment to clean production by regularly investing in its production facilities. Leon Bibas, whose father founded the company 40 years ago, started by renewing the machine fleet, opting for a new, more economic drive system. Encajes went on to set up a water treatment facility before launching an energy-efficient production system. Encajes is now innovating with the launch of a brand new collection of recycled lace, using Unifi’s Repreve® yarn, created from plastic bottles. “It has received a warm welcome. Our clients are very interested in these new recycled options and the technical laces that we’re developing – like Skin Soft – as well as pre-cut and clean-cut, ready-to-sew lace solutions,” explains Leon Bibas.

An integrated family group, employing 500 people, Encajes produces 800 tons of lace per year and offers total capacity of 1,200 tons. The company has two production units in Colombia (20,000m²) and China (25,000m²). Facilities now include 60 state-of-the-art machines.

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