Consumers gravitate to mood-boosting colours

23 July 2021

Interfilière finds by Jos Berry #4


With prolonged periods of isolation, nature and its vitality will have a reinvigorated appeal. Trends become irrelevant; how people are living, what they are doing, how they are feeling and how they have changed their mindsets in regards of priorities has become our focus. This season’s colours are inspired by simple and sensorial pleasures, as consumers gravitate towards mood-boosting products and experiences. The smell of a favourite book, the first forkful of a home-cooked meal, or the feel of freshly cut grass under the feet can all ignite feelings of joy. Colours embody these treasured moments with an almost tangible sense of depth, texture and saturation. This will spark a growing desire within consumers to surround themselves with colours, objects and experiences that bring comfort — and spark joy within them.


Flowers are a major focus on the next Interfilière forum. The currently popular floaty floral dresses are already a glimpse of the surge for simple cottage-core pleasure. Embroiderers enjoy a comeback, but not with the same clients. Mumsy, classy florals are no longer in demand. New references for taste are young brands like For Love and Lemons, Savage x Fenty, Fleur du Mal or Noblesse Oblige.


Embroidery collections are a true witness of changed mindsets. Union masters the art of mixing: embroidery is printed, enlivened with thermocut 3D flowers. Lightness is a must. Roja illustrates the general rejuvenation of their collection with ultra light stretch grounds. At Hämmerle and Vogel, exuberant multicoloured flowers shout dynamic pleasure. Youngness of mind is also the mood of the printers, with their focus on pyjama multiwear. Switchwear is my favourite term for this type of dressing – the best way to classify the flocked multicolours at Iluna, or the colourful mood boosting leisure qualities at Rocle and Taiana. And even the usually classic sleepwear prints from Rueff have gotten a facelif. Boring is definitely out.


Interfilière finds by Jos Berry #4

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