10 January 2019

Based in Switzerland’s famous St. Gallen region, Acundis is a young embroidery company, employing 50 people and run by a dynamic team. It operates 3 company-owned production sites and sells embroidery throughout the world. Its client list includes Lejaby, Simone Pérèle, Wacoal, Aimer, Maniform, Enweis, Dalia and Etam.

Andreas Kircher, Acundis Co-founder and Sales Director has agreed to chat to Interfilière Paris.


How does Acundis stand out from the other embroiderers that exhibit at Interfiliere?

We have a superfast reaction time for custom made developments and sample productions thanks to a flat hierarchy and short decision-making processes. As well we are one of only a few companies which has the possibility to produce in our 100% owned factories in Switzerland, Italy and China.

You are a young company but already rich of an exemplary creative past. What is the secret of Acundis to offer precious and ‘haut de gamme’, technical, original and innovative embroideries?

Our young and dinamic R+D team is pushing each other to always create embroideries according to the latest fashion. Also the access to our archive of haute-couture collection leads to new inspiration and innovation.

How can you describe your 10 years of work and research?

It is a never resting research for the latest innovations which lead to new ways and opportunities. You always have to think outside of the box to stay on top of the market.

What are the unique and exceptional creations in your collections that you are most proud of?

A design from our collection was used for one of the biggest Chinese Lingerie brands and became one of their biggest embroidery line ever. Also I am proud that the silk embroideries used for the christening robe of prince George were from us.

Is the fact that being at the heart of one of the largest embroidery areas in the world a driving force for Acundis?

Yes it is. Thanks to that long textile history of St. Gallen we have access to valuable knowledge. And by the way, our head office in St. Gallen is in a former embroidery school, so we have the textile spirit in our building itself.

Can we say that Acundis is a sustainable company?

Yes, we are. For example we chose our suppliers as close as possible to our factories in order to avoid long transport ways. And thanks to a high quality standard, we can avoid mistakes in our productions which lead to high wastage. We are also Oeko-Tex certified.

Your embroideries are entirely dedicated to the lingerie market. A market that you know perfectly well. What is your analysis of this market today?

Todays lingerie market is very diverse. On one hand each lingerie brand has its own demands to satisfy the requests of their customers. Therefore we develop more and more custom made embroideries exclusive for our customers. On the other hand many brands have less time for collection developments, therefore new designs have to be innovative and commercial.

What are the perspectives of development in a market that is looking for a ‘second wind’?

As you say that the market is looking for a second wind, may be reflected  in the rapid change of its demands, even within ongoing developments. If you are very flexible and reactive you can evolve with the market.

What can we wish you for your birthday?

Many more years of success and creativity so that we can repeat this interview with you after another decade.

What would you like to add?

I would like to thank all our customers for their trust in acundis during the past years and our great team for their tireless and excellent dedication.

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