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Intimates and swimwear is a fast-evolving market that mirrors our ever-changing society. Increasingly well-informed, buyers are ever keener to situate these changes within a global context. New product categories are developing, such as athleisure, loungerie and swimtimates, and even our lifestyles are changing with an increasing focus on health and “afterwork” activities. All these new terms reflect the speed with which increasingly hybrid categories are overlapping and merging. As new creative talents emerge, they bring new energy to the industry. These new brands are more interested in observing behaviours than following the sector’s unwritten rules. Streetwear has made its way into the luxury sector, shaking up established codes as it goes. Even our values are shifting, which is why it’s important to adapt to new store concepts and communication strategies.

One point remains unchanged: the need to stay up to date and network with other professionals. We are all nourished by new experiences. The show is determined to offer you them!


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